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Image by Toa Heftiba

We treat our patients through a specialized form of massage called Neurosomatic therapy. Developed by founder Paul St. John, this treatment approach focuses on anatomical structure and the correction of chronic asymmetries that can disrupt a system’s normal functions. By using careful analysis of gait, posture, and health history, we create a unique treatment plan for your specific needs.

How We Treat

What We Treat:

Think of your body like a complex computer, and pain as an error or warning message. When pain manifests, it’s your body’s way of saying something is awry and needs to be addressed.

While results vary, in my career as a therapist I’ve seen positive outcomes with many conditions, including:

  • TMJ dysfunction

  • Headaches/migraines

  • Tinnitus

  • Neck/back pain

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow

  • Bulging discs

  • Sciatica

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