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Image by Toa Heftiba

Anna DeStefano, LMT; CNST

I suffered from chronic pain from the age of 13 and searched for relief over the years with no lasting results. My early experience with massage was standard Swedish/Deep Tissue, which offered temporary relief/relaxation during sessions, but still left me going home with the same pain symptoms I started with.

In my college years, I was introduced to a local therapist who specialized in the problem-solving approach to massage, called Neurosomatic Massage Therapy. I finally found answers I’d been seeking from massage for years - a method that looked at the body critically and worked to treat the source rather than chase the symptoms. I’d found a wellness practice that for the first time seemed to ask “why?” rather than just “where?”. In just two sessions I knew this was a gift I wanted to offer others and immediately chose to follow the same path. This led me to The Center For Neurosomatic Studies where I received my education. 

I began practicing this technique in October 2018 and look forward to customizing a treatment plan for you.

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